Hazing Policy


What is Hazing?

Any action taken or situation created intentionally:

  • that causes embarrassment, harassment or ridicule
  • risks emotional and/or physical harm
  • to members of an organization or team
  • whether new or not
  • regardless of the person’s willingness to participate

We Stand Together

Fraternities and sororities have been plagued by hazing for far too long – and Sigma Alpha Epsilon is taking a stand. The fraternity formed a group to research and develop a sustainable anti-hazing program for Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and from that group, We Stand Together was born.

We Stand Together is an interactive, educational endeavor that reaffirms our zero-tolerance policy for hazing. The program contains several vital components, many of which utilize multimedia and online resources. Sigma Alpha Epsilon has created an exclusive section of the True Gentleman Initiative, the Fraternity’s educational website at www.thetgi.net, specifically for We Stand Together. The exclusive content includes documents, presentations, tips, links and customizable tools on how to recognize hazing and how to prevent it.

We Stand Together is leading the way in the Greek world and includes components for alumni, parents, actives, and pledges. Hazing is not a problem for just one organization. To stop it, we need everyone’s help. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is strongly against hazing and is committed to creating a safe, meaningful environment for all of our members, regardless of status. Our undergraduate members, as well as parents and alumni, are urged to go to the TGI’s website and check out the section for their group.

Hazing is Unacceptable: Put a Stop to It

Hazing is either harmful or creates a significant risk of harm, whether mental or physical. There are many factors that play into how someone is affected by hazing. Coming from varying backgrounds and different up bringing, hazing affects everyone differently. The mission of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is to further develop in our members the skills which will facilitate their making deep and meaningful friendships throughout their lives.

  • Participation is not mandatory; in fact Sigma Alpha Epsilon has a zero tolerance hazing policy. Hazing is dangerous and unbecoming of a gentleman.
  • Be the One to take a stand that you do not believe that any member, regardless of membership status, should have to go through any degrading, demeaning, or demoralizing acts to become a brother in Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
  • We strongly recommend that you contact the Fraternity Service Center at 1-888-NOT-HAZE before making any decisions. Both the legal council and the Eminent Supreme Recorder are here to help.