About California Kappa

California Kappa ΣAE was founded at UC Davis in 1952. Since its founding, Cal-Kappa has been an integral part of the UC Davis Greek community. In spring of 1988 ΣAE National decided to remove the chapter from the campus. It was then up to the Cal Kappa alumni, and a group of strong and dedicated students, to form the Cal-Kappa colony in 1997, and then into a chapter in 1999. Much like a phoenix, we were reborn into the strong chapter we once were. Following closely the teachings of ΣAE, and our chapter is always maintaining a house presence of being the True Gentlemen.

ΣAE aspires to excel academically, make a difference in the community, and have the most fun in Davis. Members pride themselves on being well rounded and participating in student government, the Greek counsel, and on-campus club and intercollegiate sports.

521 Russell Blvd, Davis, California, 95616

521 Russell Blvd, Davis, California, 95616

The brothers have weekly events including IM sports (days vary), meetings every Sunday, dinners, and study hours. Meetings and events typically take place at the chapter house on Russell Blvd. A horseshoe pit, poker table, Beirut table, big screen television, pool room (with a pool table, dart board, television, and couches), basketball court, sand volleyball court, foosball table, and a basement (with dance floor, television, stereo system and a washer and dryer) are just some of the amenities available at the ∑AE house.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon is not to be mistaken for Sigma Phi Epslon or SigEp. In Davis, brothers are usually referred to as “SAE’s”, though they are sometimes called “Sig-Alph’s”.